CA: Etherum 0x712e3354d0b5340b9ab6ed1480d45a1c86ce306b
CA: BSC 0xc9137234395434723b1016246ec9616dc65172ab

Token Name:
Token Symbol: SWOB
Max Supply: 20 000 000
Token Dezimale: 6
Uniswap v3 Pool
CEX Listing is planed

Tax buy/sell: 0%

Contract renounced
LP is locked


Phase 1

- Team Formation Task Finding
- launch and beta test
- Create the community token SWOB
- Investor scouting and building partnerships


Phase 2

- Launch of the token SWOB on Uniswap v3 SWOB/WETH. 
        Contract Renouncing and LP Lock (UNCX)
-Expanding partnerships, sponsors and community
- Further development of
- Integration of the SwobbelsSwap into the platform for project pages 
        (more information on this coming soon)
- Airdrops are planned
- Buybacks for SWOB
- Launch of the mobile apps for Android and iOS in the respective stores

Phase 3

- Launch SwobbelSwap (Standallone Beta)
- Further buybacks by SWOB
- Investments in projects at
- Expanding the community




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